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Welcome Maker of Mischief

Are you looking to be part of the Midweek Mischief Designers?

  • Information

    Maximum 2 vendors per store - priced at either 65L or 85L

    Deadline for submission of application and payment strictly Sundays 8pm slt

    You must submit your vendor images with the graphic included in the merchant pack at the same time you complete your entry form. Late submissions / missing images will not be accepted.

  • Requirements

    Each image must state clearly whether it is M, F or unisex. Clothing ads must contain details such as the bodies it fits, whether it is a single colour or fatpack. Jewellery must be listed as either rigged or unrigged and if for a specific head (I.E Lelutka) or body (I.E Reborn) Make up / skins must state which head / body they are for. No nudity, or x-rated images. No self harming / inappropriate images. If in doubt, please check with a staff member.

  • Cost

    Cost per week for entry for MMM group is $L150 and $L250 for non-group members.

  • Payment info

    Payment must be made to the CasperVend posters at the Mischief Menagerie Office or  Zorai Amethyst (UUID: aa27c19a-816b-47c9-9825-2480d771a016) at the time of application.

    Payment transaction must be pasted into the form application.

    Sale items can be new (generally leading to more sales), re-textured or older items.

  • Covered by SugarSL

    Our designers will benefit from the vast userbase given to us by SugarSL and our own Mischief Menagerie group, pretty impressive if you ask me.

    Step 1

    Visit the office in SL to pay the Designer vendor, those in the Makers Making Mischief group will receive the discounted price of 150L to enter by using the vendor on the left marked Group Discount!

    Visit the Office
    Step 2

    Once paid you will receive a package that will give you all you need including access to the upload form and further details.

    Step 3

    Once you have uploaded your images with the Midweek tags on them be sure to place your vendor down and be ready to activate on Tuesday 12pm SLT and deactivate them on Thursday 12pm SLT

    We will advertise using our groups and  SugarSL

    steps must be repeated for every round of the sale that you participate in.

    The Midweek Mischief Team

    Without you, the Mischief will never happen.

    Zorai Amethyst

    Your contact for Midweek Mischief

    Sugar SL

    Our partner in Mischief