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Ongoing Events

Our group of makers participate in wonderful events throughout the gird of Second Life and promote our makers on our media partner SugarSL

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Current Events

Why Not Shopping District

Brand new shopping districts set to have exciting sales with all the creator's involved, the shopping district itself is a beautiful slice of a small town square that will not only bring you wonderful sales but beautiful vistas

Go to Why Not Shopping District

We advertise and grow our fellow Mischief makers on various platforms, check them out and see how you can become part of the family too!

Mischievous News

The Mischief Menagerie will be starting up it's weekly sales starting March 2024 so bookmark this space and look forward too it.

Let the Mischief Begin with Midweek Mischief

Any designers looking to take part can click this link!
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With the support network from Mischief Menagerie many creators have found a home that helps them express who they are as a person, connect to events that they otherwise would never have seen and participate in exciting events that are publicized in Second Life websites like SugarSL

The Team

Laynie otherwise known as "Fraggle" is founder and co-owner of the beautiful Tea Lane which hosts a wide selection of fun and useful objects casual basics, cute things and whatever weirdness catches their intrest
Laynie Link Founder
Alessia owns Second Nature Jewellery and co-owns {Why Not?} with her husband Phil Setner (a well known performer in the SL Music scene).

Alessia Grace Setner Founder
Teagan is Laynie's partner in crime and beautiful co-owner of Tea Lane, together they create wonderful oddities that grace the grid Style wear, sweaters, eyes, boots and heels, just about anything you'd need she makes at Tea Lane
Teagan Blackthrone Founder