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Progeny Mall March

Progeny Mall March 2024

Progeny Mall

For those of you not in the know Progeny Mall is located within the main Progeny region and has not one but two flavours to choose from and is certain to delight and amaze with incredible items that will surely be coming home with you in your inventory.

Those two flavours are Progeny Mall itself, catering to a moderate market and Adult, for 18+ designers and with such a great range of designers from all across the grid, you'll find something you like

Progeny Mall

The following designers are showcased in this month's article by Zorai Ame

with special thanks to Progeny Mall Manager Lagertha Littlepaws 


Pop-up store

Find LIL Monsters INC Here

Board Unicorn & Lil Monsters In

Silly Saber

A fun and cute collaboration between Board Unicorn and lil Monsters Inc the Silly saber is sure to bring a smile to even the darkest of hearts, it's cute design makes you think of balloon animals and brings back nostalgic feelings, it's got so many colours and unique designs to choose from as well as a cute shield suitable for any adventurer.


Find PINKY Here

[PINKY] Katia Bodysuit - Big Fatpack + [PINKY] Giennah Set

Katia-Bodysuit & Giennah Set.

The Katia Bodysuit will fast become a staple of your wardrobe if your not careful along with that the Giennah set is so pretty you'll find it hard to ever take the sparkle sparkles off.


Tania Heels

These heels made by Pinky are simply sensational, the colour options are perfect for any occasion, you can rock these at a formal event or your next dance

[PINKY] Tania Heels Black2
[PINKY] Tania Heels Balck1
[PINKY] Tania Heels Red2
[PINKY] Tania Heels Red1
[PINKY] Tania Heels Pink2
[PINKY] Tania Heels Pink1

Katia-Bodysuit & Lorena-Harness.

I mentioned before that the Katia Bodysuit  would become a staple of your wardrobe and i meant it as here we are again but paired with the stylish Lorena-Harness, another way that you can style Pinky products together to make a truly beautiful pairing.

[PINKY] Katia Bodysuit - Big Fatpack +[Pinky] Lorena Harness Fatpack


[Sweet Slave] Malika Bodysuit Blogger Fatpack

Malika Bodysuit

Sweet Slave's Malika Bodysuit has great customisation options with multiple panels for colour combinations and a wonderful selection of phrases around the collar, such as "Drama Queen" and "Just Kiss Me" this bodysuit just could bring that outfit together.

Sweet Slave

Naima Set

the Naima set from Sweet Slave has spared no expense with the level of customisation, So we have a stylish Bra and great fitting panties with an amazing array of colours, you can mix and match to your hearts content, or stay with black like your gothic heart demands.

[Sweet Slave] Naima Blogger Fatpack


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Sweet Slave's Harmony set is truly something to behold, the bodysuit leaves your chest exposed with tasteful pasties that cover up the rest and leave more to the imagination, this set comes with a HUD for the pasties and bodysuit itself


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